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5 Retailers Who Are Doing Their Displays Right

When walking through a mall or a crowded street, what captures your eye when you walk into a store? For us, it is when it is put together and the display is intriguing. It can be hard to design your retail space without copying what you see on Pinterest. Here are our Top 5 favorite stores that do displays right.


Anthropology is known for their beautiful window displays and their intricate merchandising strategies. Anthropology makes women (and some men) all over the world say “wow, this is what I want my home to look like”. They have a specific design team just to keep their stores as on-brand as their social media accounts/website. They change their designs seasonally like you would in your own home. This is important to note. How does your store make your customers feel?

Free People

Free People is not only known for their displays but what they do with their displays after they are swapping them out. Free People first offers these display pieces to their employees then gives an opportunity to their consumers to purchase them. Each display is custom made and it is probably different within every location.

Glossier (London)

The displays are within the construction for Glossier (London). Glossier went above and beyond to create a “insta-worthy” experience in this specific pop-up. Each wall, like the photo above on the left, has a different bright color and design per room. Each room showcases the products in a different way. This makes the consumers want to visit every room and the longer people linger, the more willing they will be to make a purchase.


Have a shop with minimal products? Take a note from Apple. They keep everything prim and clean. They also make it feel luxurious. Everyone can tell Apple stores apart from other stores. Nothing is wrong with clean and crisp.


Ikea does an amazing job at making you believe you are somewhere else, like your own home. Plus, they set up the store so you actually have to see everything they have to offer! The set up alone is brilliant and the store itself could be seen on any road due to its large structure.

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