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Getting Customer To Sign Up For Rewards Programs

The questions you ask, the information you give, and the information needed from your customers all depend on the program that you chose for your store. When picking a loyalty program, keep this in mind: the longer it takes to sign up, the less likely your customer is to do it. Signing up for your rewards program should feel effortless and should take no more than three minutes, MAX!

When asking if they would like to join, keep it simple by saying;

“We just started a rewards program that ________ (gives you 1 point for every dollar spent). I only need your date of birth to get you all signed up!”

Since you are already getting all of your customers important information up front, you won’t need to ask for it again! Although, if you have not gathered their basic info yet, make sure you do not use either of these phrases:

“Can I get your phone number?”


“Is it okay to get your email address?”

The conversation should start with you talking about the benefits of the loyalty program and why you implemented it as a “thank you” to your shoppers and a way to easily give discounts. The conversation should end with;

 “All I need is your name, phone number, email, ect. and your points will start adding up!”

When gathering customer info, do not use a question or ask for it…simply state a confident request and get them excited about the chance to get more benefits. You can manipulate this conversation to revolve around whatever you are offering, but make sure that you don’t start off with, “Do you want to sign up?…”! 

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