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Five Tips for Delivering Employee Reviews

Having consistent and frequent reviews with your staff is one of the best tools for developing and retaining your team. Reviews highlight how your staff members are valued and creates room for growth and improvement. It also opens up the floor for more open communication and sets clear expectations for both you and your employee.

Not only are reviews an important tool for personal growth and development of your employees but they also help you as the owner, to reflect on one of the biggest investments in your business. Your team members should be your greatest return on investment in your business – considering that they are also likely one of the largest expenses in your business.

As you are getting ready to fill this form out, be sure to give yourself some undistracted time to write these reviews. This way you can sit down and really think about their overall performance over the last six months to a year, not just the last couple months or the last couple weeks. This can be more difficult than it sounds.

➤ Tip #1: Schedule reviews at the beginning or end of their shift.

Scheduling the review will give you and your employee to prepare and reflect. Pulling someone off the floor in the middle of the shift might keep them more focused on what they were doing. Also, make sure someone is covering the floor so you can have uninterrupted time. This is dedicated time to make the employee feel valued. A rushed review under pressure and with distractions is worse than not having a review at all.

➤ Tip #2: Create a comfortable environment.

This isn’t a HR kind of experience. Make sure they feel comfortable. Read (i.e. body language, etc.,) how your employee is responding as reviews tend to make people nervous and reassure them there is no need to be nervous.

➤ Tip #3: Thinking critically but don’t criticize.

If you only focus on the negatives your employee will naturally feel unsafe or respond defensively. This is not a place where communication and growth can be fostered. Avoid this at all costs and remind your employee there is always room for improvement – if there wasn’t, the job would probably get boring.

➤ Tip #4: Always come from an honest and open place.

If it is going to be a tough conversation, tell them that. They probably already know and then it gives you permission to tell them the things they need to work on. Both of your guards will most likely go down.

➤ Tip #5: Ask what you can do for them.

We recommend ending the review process by asking the employee what YOU can do better to help THEM. This allows them to express themselves and open up areas where you can lead them better or create an environment for mutual growth. It not only will help your business but can also help impact their life.

Always use the filter: 

The employee and I are both getting reviewed during this process. It will take both of you to make any real change.


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