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Quick Facts About Shopify POS System

Shopify deserves a special mention as to what makes it stand out from its competitors…its Shopify’s comprehensive Point of Sale (POS) functionality and hardware. But, before we completely dive in, check out one of our latest blogs which covered HELPFUL TIPS WHEN FINDING THE RIGHT POS SYSTEM.

Shopify’s POS hardware lets you use the platform to sell in physical locations using your iOS or Android device, as well as online!

A wide range of hardware is available to purchase, which includes barcode readers, tills, receipt printers etc. Depending on your location, you can buy these items online directly from Shopify. If not, you will need to find an authorized reseller.

There are several applications for these POS tools. For example, they allow you to sell…

  • Pop-Up Shops
  • Markets
  • Events
  • Retail Outlets

Want to know the best news of it all?! These applications work all while keeping your inventory and stock count automatically synced. Less hassle for you and more time for crushing sales! We stan!!It’s important to note, however, that you will need to pay for a ‘Shopify POS Pro’ add-on to get the most out of point of sale. The cost for this is: $89/month.

Although the built-in POS features cover the basics, and will be fine for merchants with simple needs, you will need the add-on if you want to:

  • Have multiple sales staff
  • Use: “buy online – collect in store” option
  • Exchanges
  • Provide “on-brand” printed receipts
  • Designated staff roles and permissions
  • Attribute sales to particular staff members (for commission or performance-analysis purposes).

Have Questions? Leave a comment!

After reading our Shopify Quick Tips and you have remaining inquiries about the platform, or whether it’s the right fit for you? Please leave a comment – we read all comments and aim to answer all questions!

If you’re ready to soar with Shopify…here is a helpful and quick link! All our best to you!

  1. Max Jones says:

    This was a helpful article about POS systems. My sister is interested in POS hardware for her company. I’ll share this info with her as she looks for a POS system.

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