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The 5-Step Social Media Guide

Social media is an invaluable, FREE resource to grow your audience/customer base and position your store as an authority in the marketplace. 

Before you start implementing your social media flow, you need a PLAN. That’s what you’re going to learn how to create. This is often the hardest part. I’m sure you want a plan, but you’re not sure HOW to create it. But, we are going to change that today!

The reason people get frustrated with social media is because they can spend upward of 30 minutes just trying to find something to post!! After all that time, you’re exhausted and frustrated, so the last thing you want to do is spend even more time engaging on behalf of your business.

➤ Step 1

Create your top 9 Categories! Think of these categories as the pillars of all your content creation. These pillars are what your idea customer wants/needs to see. What problem are you solving for them? What are they interested in seeing?

When your customer views your social media for the first time, the top 9 images they see on your grid build a virtual snapshot or virtual catalog for them to get an idea of wha you carry – if it’s for them and what your brand story/vibe is.

Content Pillar Examples:

  1. Product Tips
  2. Inspiration + Quotes
  3. Behind The Scenes
  4. Just In + New Arrivals
  5. Brand + Store Vibes
  6. Promotion + Event

➤ Step 2

Find the photos that correspond with those 9 categories! If properly used, images can deepen a customer – or potential customer’s – attachment to your brand. You can view brand imagery as an opportunity to visually communicate with your potential customer. Whether you’re modern or traditional, simple or complex, clean or edgy, show them who you are, why they should trust you and how, if they choose your product, it will make their lives simpler or better!

➤ Step 3

Write the captions for those 9 categories! A well thought out and written caption will hold your audience’s attention to your post and will help your product or brand stand out amongst the rest! If you want to get noticed, put forth the effort and time to make people aware of your brand. Convey the purpose to your audience and make them want to know more about your brand.

Connection = Awareness & Engagement

➤ Step 4

Schedule it out ahead of time! By scheduling posts ahead of time, you ensure that you enforce this consistency on your posts. You can see how all your posts look together and ensure that they carry across the same style. It also makes it easier for you the look and feel across your posts if you’re focused on publishing them at the same time. Team #TCB loves to use Planoly!

➤ Step 5

Post…but don’t forget to engage! By focusing on building your social media engagement, your business will benefit from a better marketing reach, greater brand awareness and an improved ROI.


Repurpose your content! Create it for one platform (Instagram) and then make tweaks so that it seamlessly fits on the other platforms (Facebook). You can swap a photo or make the caption shorter/longer. Since it’s all about capturing your customers’ attention where they might be in that moment on a particular platform, there’s no need to create something entirely new for each post. All that does it make it more difficult for you, and ain’t nobody got time for that!

With plenty of competition on social media when it comes to catching the attention of your customers, It’s YOUR time to see how consistency and engaging content gets your customers drooling over your posts and products.

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