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A 20 Minute Exercise to Finding A Better Work-Life Balance

Sand, Pebbles and Rocks Edition:

Oh how we wish this was a day at the beach sipping on a cock-tail! Hopefully soon, right?! Let’s tackle stress and find some balance that way you CAN have some free time…and who knows, maybe a trip to the beach!

Let’s talk about the tasks and to-do’s that take up your precious time. This quick exercise will look at identifying the areas you spend your time and prioritize your time appropriately. We use the sand, pebbles, and rock analogy to identify where we put our time. 

When you work through this exercise, use your energy as a gauge. Are there tasks that absolutely drain your energy? Those are likely your sand. Does a task seem important but it’s actually a distraction (pebble)? Are there tasks that you absolutely love to do (rocks)? Remember these are just examples, some of the tasks on here might be moved to different categories based on YOUR business and lifestyle.

Here are a few examples:

↠ SAND: Represents the little things that don’t matter.

  • Menial Tasks
  • Cleaning Checklist
  • Text Messages, Social Media
  • Random Chit-Chat With Co-Workers
  • Web Browsing

↠ PEBBLES: Represents the things that matter a little.

  • In-Person Meetings
  • Time Sensitive Emails
  • Processing Shipment

↠ ROCK: Represent important things. (The higher leveraged tasks that affect your bottom line or the non-negotiables in your life).

  • Family
  • Reaching out to Clients
  • Sales
  • Big Projects
  • Marketing
  • Purchasing Product

Quick Exercise:

Make a small chart or list…this doesn’t have to be fancy. Next, identify what your rocks, plebbles, and sand are in your individual business and personal life using the chart you have sketched out. Here is where you will be able to see what you can eliminate, say no to, and remove from your plate.

Next, sift through the sand. List and identify areas in your process where you can be more efficient and effective. Ask yourself, “What steps in my process are taking me, my employees, or my customers away from the experience or rocks?”

After this quick exercise, you should be feeling more aware and more clear on the steps you need to take to improve your time management, focus, and delegations skills. We need to be ok with being present in the moment, recharging, and challenging ourselves and time in healthy ways and LET GO OF PERFECTION!

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