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Top Apps to Help Save Time + Focus

It’s easy to say: “Let’s just turn these notifications off,” or “I’ll just put my phone away,” or “Nope, not going to open that tab.” In fact, one cannot simply quit workplace distractions: being distracted is a bad habit and should be handled as such. So how to avoid distractions at the workplace and start using your time wisely?

There are some special tools for blocking out all the websites and platforms that can distract you from your immediate tasks and help you concentrate on your work. In a healthier work environment, it’s easier to focus on what matters and get things done.

Did you know there are many apps that help you manage your ability to be distracted by websites and apps?! These apps block access to selected things that are counter productive during designated times and can affect your day dramatically. 

  • Trackr – This tracks the time in which you are on different websites. Showing you what you spend a majority of your day looking at. This usually shocks people. 
  • StayFocusd – Limits your access to time-wasting sites. You can choose to restrict access for certain periods, or limit the number of visits you are allowed to certain websites each day.
  • RescueTime — This is another app for tracking productivity and blocking distracting sites.
  • Freedom — This app is used for blocking anything you want, anywhere you want by creating sessions and selecting when and what you want to stay off of.

The digital workplace is filled with all kinds of distractions and resisting every single one of them is no easy feat. Hopefully, these tools and apps will give you the help you need to focus on what matters most when willpower just isn’t enough!

What tools do you use to block distractions and stay on task? Let us know in the comments below or by joining our FREE Facebook Group here.

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