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Insider Shoutout: “Gift and Box Nantucket”

Owner Name: Kate Ortega Name of Business: Gift and Box Nantucket Website: Social Media Handles: @giftandboxnantuket Years You’ve Been in Business: 3 What was life like before opening your store or what were you doing prior? Prior to opening the shop, I was in the fitness industry, doing personal training and teaching fitness classes. […]


Top Apps to Help Save Time + Focus

It’s easy to say: “Let’s just turn these notifications off,” or “I’ll just put my phone away,” or “Nope, not going to open that tab.” In fact, one cannot simply quit workplace distractions: being distracted is a bad habit and should be handled as such. So how to avoid distractions at the workplace and start […]


5 Ways to Limit Interruptions and Get More Done

If you ONLY worked 40 hours per week in your business, you’d be spending a whole 480 minutes of the 1,440 minutes you have in a single day. With all of that time spent, it’s crazy that we feel like it’s still not enough! Yet, why does it feel like you only have half of […]


5 Retailers Who Are Doing Their Displays Right

When walking through a mall or a crowded street, what captures your eye when you walk into a store? For us, it is when it is put together and the display is intriguing. It can be hard to design your retail space without copying what you see on Pinterest. Here are our Top 5 favorite […]


retail spotlight: michelle

Retail Spotlight: Michelle | Owner of District23

In today’s retail spotlight, we’re highlighting the amazing owner of a women’s boutique dedicated to supporting the efforts of the Cochlear Implant Awareness Federation (CIAF).  Michelle Tjelmeland created District23 just 8 years after founding the CIAF. Her visually appealing boutique, now open in two Illinois locations, sells on-trend women’s clothing, accessories, home décor, gifts, and […]


Retail Spotlight: Jovana | Owner of UNI+KONCEPT

At The Complete Boutique, we have the opportunity of working with some pretty amazing and inspiring retailers. Today, we’re highlighting the owner of a women’s lifestyle boutique. Jovana Nedimovic created UNI+KONCEPT to be a welcoming space for testing out the latest in beauty and fashion trends. She is on a mission to provide a unique, […]


3 Tips to Increase Foot Traffic

This is the most requested question we get from retailers all over the world. How do I increase foot-traffic? We’ll start by giving you 3 tangible strategies to do that but make sure you read this article through to the end because we’re going to share something with you that might just have a greater […]


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