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Helpful Tips When Finding the Right POS System

If you are shopping for a new POS system for your small business, the endless options can be overwhelming. But how do you know which one to choose? For starters, establish a baseline for what you should look for in a POS for your small business. Process payments: Accepting payment from major credit card companies […]


Creating the Ultimate Email Sequence

Do you get tired of hearing how important email marketing is? Does it make you feel like you just can’t catch up or implement one more thing? We get it! BUT there is a reason why there are endless articles, resources, and companies with full time email marketing teams that focus solely on email marketing… […]


The Pros and Cons with Loyalty Programs

Customer loyalty programs clearly offer benefits to both your customers and your business. Keep in mind that there is not one loyalty model that should be used for each business; your store is different and unique. Find out what your customers will respond positively to and which will lead you to higher customer retention. In […]


Finding a Loyalty Program That Works for You

We all want a loyalty program that will give the greatest return! To do so, you must determine the type of system you are searching for. You want to pick a program that will lead to positive Yelp reviews, social media growth, and brand/business growth. In this blog, we will discuss six potential reward systems […]


The 3 Ingredients for Successful Merchandising

Let’s get cooking! Well, not exactly, merchandising cooking! We are going to call this “The Three Ingredients to Merchandising; Experience, Exposure, and Efficiency.” Experience Every business owner’s goal is to draw customers in, right? Yes! Therefore, the most important “ingredient” is to draw customers into the shop and close the sale, which is all dependent […]



Creating Clients vs. Customers

Clients and customers; both familiar terms, but what are the actual differences? Why should we be focused on creating clients vs. customers in our business? First, let’s grab our dusty Merriam-Webster Dictionary off the shelf and talk about the definition of each: Customer (noun)- one that purchases a commodity or service.  Client (noun)- a person […]


Grow Your Business with Social Media Stories

At the end of a long day, the TCB team can’t wait to unwind and indulge in our favorite guilty pleasure: social media Stories. We love social media Stories because they give us a behind-the-scenes look into the lives of people whose content we already enjoy.  It’s the more funny, more spontaneous, more entertaining lens […]


Is Your Sale Section a Hot Mess? Let’s Fix It

From the second you unlock your doors until you turn the key again -humming Closing Time by Semisonic- you work tirelessly on your business. After your long days, it’s understandably hard to give full attention and creativity to mismatched, last-piece-left, discounted merchandise. Unfortunately, without clear guidelines, your sales section can turn chaotic.  And, if left alone […]


3 Tips to Increase Foot Traffic

This is the most requested question we get from retailers all over the world. How do I increase foot-traffic? We’ll start by giving you 3 tangible strategies to do that but make sure you read this article through to the end because we’re going to share something with you that might just have a greater […]


7 Questions to Ask Your Brand Reps

When choosing a brand, it’s not about just looking pretty on the sales floor; it’s also important to know more about the product and how it can best fit your store needs. You need to know about Policies, Protection, and Potential. This list of questions will open up conversations with your brand reps and help […]


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