We are all on different journeys but we’re traveling together.

From startups to seasoned veterans, clothing to furniture, and everything in between, The Complete Boutique membership is more than just leading retail education. We are community, empowerment, and ideas. We are relief and revitalization. And we are your biggest fans.

Choose from 3 different empowering paths to fuel your journey and growth. 

You’re busy. We get it. That’s why this step-by-step path is perfect for the busy entrepreneur who doesn’t need information overload and wants to go at their own pace. You just want to focus on 1 thing per month that will steadily grow your business. Every month, you’ll receive an information-packed Focus Kit that gives you industry tips and tricks from leading experts. You’ll also receive a 30 Day Execution Plan designed to help you put that information into practice. Improve specific areas of your business like your marketing, staffing, merchandising, and many more, in as little as a few hours per month. You’ll also be invited to ask your questions LIVE in 1 Q&A session per month in the private TCB, Facebook community.


· 1 Focus Kit PDF download per month with Insider training and education.
· 1 Video Overview explaining that month’s goal and topic.
· Dedicated Step-by-Step Execution Plan to improve 1 area of your business in 30 days.
· Access to the private The Complete Boutique Facebook Group.
· 1 LIVE Q&A session per month with industry expert, Janine Mix.
· Replay of LIVE Q&A

· 2 months FREE!
· Free access to 3 Video Bonus trainings:
· Email Marketing 101
· Step-by-Step Social Media Guide
· Tips for Hiring Your #DreamTeam

$37/month membership INCLUDES:

Upgrade to an annual membership and receive:


– Greta M.

"I love the monthly Kits that we get and I like that we get one topic and goal to focus on that month so we’re not overwhelmed in our busy lives."

– Michelle T.

"The thing I find the most beneficial are the homework assignments because it makes me really think about what I’m doing on a deeper level. And the Focus Kits are just the right amount of content to get to it all with my busy schedule."


become an insider

Insiders get everything in the Step-by-Step plan and A LOT more. Enjoy your monthly Focus Kit comprised of industry strategies, ideas, education, and details on what’s working now, along with your monthly 30 Day Execution Plan to put it all into practice. As an Insider, you’ll also become a part of a dedicated community of other retail bosses offering accountability, growth, and ideas from around the world. Join us every 2 weeks as we support each other through education, industry insights, and accountability in our LIVE coaching calls. Have a question about your unique business that just can’t wait? You’ll also receive 24/7 support from our team of industry experts. Just ask it in the dedicated Facebook group and if some other knowledgeable business owner doesn’t answer it for you, someone from our team of experts will. Insiders also get access to exclusive deals and promotions like discounts on programs, courses, and future event tickets.

Run Hard

Do you want to kick your growth up a notch? Then immerse yourself in our community of like-minded business owners and trainers and become an Insider today.

Step-by-Step Social Media Guide
Email Marketing 101
Refine Your Resources – full course
Tips for Hiring Your #DreamTeam
Sales Goal Spreadsheet mini-course
Downloads, tools + resources
New content added frequently…

· 2 months FREE
· Unlock 3 additional Focus Kit topics of your choice

Peek inside The Vault:

Upgrade to an annual membership and receive:


· 1 Premium Focus Kit PDF download per month with Insider training and education.
· Dedicated Step-by-Step Execution Plan to improve 1 area of your business in 30 days.
· Access to the exclusive The Complete Boutique Insiders Facebook community.
· 2 LIVE Coaching/Q&A sessions per month with industry expert, Janine Mix.
· Replays of both coaching calls
· Premium 24/7 Support
· Member Exclusive Deals & Promotions
· THE VAULT – training videos, downloads, spreadsheets – all free to consume anytime.

$97/month Insider membership INCLUDES:

– Kate S.

“Seriously, the call this evening was amazing! I wrote down so many ideas, and can’t wait to dive into them when I’m done at work in the morning! Thank you, I’m so glad I joined the insiders.” 

– Michelle T.

“Since I’ve been a member of this group, there’s never been a topic that I haven’t taken away something or gotten better or be more methodical about my process. It’s been great for me because it’s expanded my thinking.” 

– Michelle S.

“I know that if I want to increase my bottom line I need to continue to do things differently. I love the knowledge sharing. I love this community.” 

– Greta M.

“The real power of this group is in the community and the interaction with other retailers.”



Warning, there is only room for 12 go-getters in this hyper-exclusive mastermind group. This is where you will work 1-on-1 with retail expert and coach, Janine Mix, to uncover exactly what might be holding you back and how you can catapult your business to the next level. And she won’t hold back. You’ll receive the same focus she gives to her clients when she works with them 1-on-1 on location. You’ll go over your P&L’s, you’ll analyze your Open-to-Buy, and you’ll be a part of an intimate tribe of retail bosses that will sharpen you and help you see big results.

If you’re tired of going slow and playing small, apply to go All In with our TCB Academy. 


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