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Creating the Ultimate Email Sequence

Do you get tired of hearing how important email marketing is? Does it make you feel like you just can’t catch up or implement one more thing? We get it! BUT there is a reason why there are endless articles, resources, and companies with full time email marketing teams that focus solely on email marketing… because it works! It’s time to dust off that email list and create strategic, automated, and value driven emails that gain customer trust and convert those subscribers into SALES!

➮ #1 Welcome Sequence

A welcome sequence is the first set of emails you would send to new subscribers and users. The objective of this email sequence would be to introduce yourself/business and build some sort of familiarity. Set the tone with what they can expect and your brand promise. We suggest a series of 3-5 emails that take them on a journey. This is your first impression, so make sure it’s one that won’t make them click “unsubscribe”!

➮ #2 Promotional Campaign

Promotional campaigns can be set up to promote a sale, event, holiday, or launch of a new product. These are one of the most popular email marketing sequences. Unfortunately, what we usually see with local retailers is more of a shoot-from-the-hip approach where they send random or sporadic singular emails every so often when there’s something new and exciting to talk about. A more focused and effective approach to promoting your specific campaign is through a calculated series of emails. These emails lead your subscriber through each one, and  build upon one another. These sequences should evoke emotion, curiosity, and grab their attention. Putting time limits or a sense of urgency in these promotions will often prompt your subscriber to take more immediate action.

➮ #3 Trigger Sequence

Trigger sequences are a bit more advanced but can be incredibly customizable and more intuitive to specific subscribers based on different actions they take or don’t take it. MailChimp has a series of triggers you can set up automatically. Additionally, trigger sequences are a great way to nurture your customers through the actions they take with you.

➮ #4 Post-Purchase Drip

This is such an easy sequence you can set up that you are going to wonder why you haven’t implemented this before. Of course, you likely have an automatic email with the confirmation of an order your customer has just placed, but what do you have set up afterwards? They just spent money with you, you have obviously caught their attention and trust… so, what’s next? Try a simple post-purchase drip. This is your chance to create more value, give them tips on the products they just purchased, and up-sell or cross sale.

➮ #5 Abandonment Cart

This sequence is specifically for your online store. This email sequence would be triggered when a customer has added any item to their cart but never completed their purchase. According to Moosend, the average cart abandon rate for retail is a staggering 77.3%. It’s notable to mention that the #1 reason for abandoning a cart is the shipping options, the #2 reason is forcing required registration.

“Out of 100 people who get an abandonment email from you, 45 of

 them open, 21 click through, and 11 of them make a purchase! And 11 purchases are better than 0 purchases, right?”

“Cart Abandonment Stats: Tackling Shopping Cart Abandonment in 2020.” Email Marketing Automation
Platform for Thriving Businesses, 13 May 2020,

Abandoned cart sequences can be simple reminders to give your customer a gentle nudge. As we always teach, it needs to be simple and authentic so it doesn’t seem pushy or desperate. Have some fun brainstorming this one and search around in your own inbox for some ideas.

➮ #6 Re-Engagement Sequence

There are really only two reasons to implement a re-engagement sequence.

  1. To revive inactive subscribers.

  2. To scrub your list.

There are many reasons subscribers go dormant on your list. Maybe they aren’t interested anymore, maybe they have switched emails, or maybe they are just plain busy. No matter the reason, the goal of re-engagement sequences is to revive inactive subscribers to engage more and remove inactive subscribers with zero interest.

We understand that creating more content and setting this up on the back end is a whole other level and may seem intimidating, but there’s so much untapped potential when it comes to email marketing. We see retailers barely scratching the surface of maximizing their email list, which

only means one thing; MASSIVE SALES POTENTIAL is only a few email sequences away! You’ve got this! 

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  1. Thanks for the what to do in creating the sequence emails! Do you offer examples of how to do it working with Constant Contacts?

    • Janine Mix says:

      Hi Candance! We are so happy to hear you enjoy our blog posting! As far as constant contacts, we really enjoy using MailChimp. Join our FREE Facebook Group and hear what other retailers are using, too. Linked here!!

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