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Helpful Tips When Finding the Right POS System

If you are shopping for a new POS system for your small business, the endless options can be overwhelming. But how do you know which one to choose?

For starters, establish a baseline for what you should look for in a POS for your small business.

  • Process payments: Accepting payment from major credit card companies is a must. To maximize your earnings you’ll want a POS that can process all three transition types: swipe, dipping a chip or by using contactless payment. In addition to an ecommerce store, you’ll need your POS to accept online payments as well!

  • Checkout: Your POS should be able to handle all the logistics around checkout. For example, delivery of receipts, tax calculations, shipping, tips, discounts and gift cards. 

  • Inventory Management: Your POS system should help keep track of where your inventory stands. The best ones send reminders when you are running low on items.

  • Customer Relationship: POS systems are repository for valuable information. Here at The Complete Boutique, we can’t stress enough the importance of customer data and how this can be used to build stronger customer relationships.

  • Reporting: Your POS system should analyze your transaction history and provide you with valuable insights on sales performance. 

The journey of your customers varies from one shopper to another. Some people walk through your doors because they saw your great window display. Others may find you online. Or maybe, a referral. Regardless of how they find you, anyone who decides to buy from your store ends up in the same place, the point of sale

Overall, your POS system is a critical step to any shopping journey, which is why it’s important to give your shoppers a great experience. These early considerations will help your search, and from there you can start calling vendors, taking demos, and or trialing different solutions. 

Good luck and we hope you find the right point of sale solution!

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