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Getting Customer To Sign Up For Rewards Programs

The questions you ask, the information you give, and the information needed from your customers all depend on the program that you chose for your store. When picking a loyalty program, keep this in mind: the longer it takes to sign up, the less likely your customer is to do it. Signing up for your […]


Implementing Change in Your Business

Implementing change in your business; the thing that makes you reach for your imaginary shield and sword as you prepare for the inevitable confrontation with your employees. We’re all aware (including your reluctant staff members) that change is happening all around us and is a necessary part of a thriving business. So, why does it […]



Creating Clients vs. Customers

Clients and customers; both familiar terms, but what are the actual differences? Why should we be focused on creating clients vs. customers in our business? First, let’s grab our dusty Merriam-Webster Dictionary off the shelf and talk about the definition of each: Customer (noun)- one that purchases a commodity or service.  Client (noun)- a person […]


Quick Tips for Your Next Buying Trip

Going to market or trade shows to hand-pick the best product selection for your store is one of the most fun parts of owning a retail store. During a buying trip, you get to see the newest selection from your various brands and vendors. You get to curate the most beautiful collection for your store. […]


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