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How Well Do You Really Know Your Customers?

In order to serve the right customer, you have to know everything you can about them… and we mean everything! What do they like? Where do they hang out for fun? What does your product solve for them and how? It’s time to take a radically different approach to understanding and identifying your ideal customer. […]


Five Ways to Train Your Employees Under Twenty Minutes

Just in Time for Holiday Season Your employees are investments. You pay them for each minute they are on the clock, which makes up a majority of your overhead expenses. The difference between employees and other expenses in this category lies within the higher return on investment potential with employees. Great employees will be worth […]


Getting Customer To Sign Up For Rewards Programs

The questions you ask, the information you give, and the information needed from your customers all depend on the program that you chose for your store. When picking a loyalty program, keep this in mind: the longer it takes to sign up, the less likely your customer is to do it. Signing up for your […]


The Pros and Cons with Loyalty Programs

Customer loyalty programs clearly offer benefits to both your customers and your business. Keep in mind that there is not one loyalty model that should be used for each business; your store is different and unique. Find out what your customers will respond positively to and which will lead you to higher customer retention. In […]


Finding a Loyalty Program That Works for You

We all want a loyalty program that will give the greatest return! To do so, you must determine the type of system you are searching for. You want to pick a program that will lead to positive Yelp reviews, social media growth, and brand/business growth. In this blog, we will discuss six potential reward systems […]


5 Retailers Who Are Doing Their Displays Right

When walking through a mall or a crowded street, what captures your eye when you walk into a store? For us, it is when it is put together and the display is intriguing. It can be hard to design your retail space without copying what you see on Pinterest. Here are our Top 5 favorite […]


The 3 Ingredients for Successful Merchandising

Let’s get cooking! Well, not exactly, merchandising cooking! We are going to call this “The Three Ingredients to Merchandising; Experience, Exposure, and Efficiency.” Experience Every business owner’s goal is to draw customers in, right? Yes! Therefore, the most important “ingredient” is to draw customers into the shop and close the sale, which is all dependent […]


The 5 Top Mistakes Retailers Make With Facebook Ads

Have you wanted to grow your business using paid advertising but don’t really know where to start? Have you stared for hours at the Facebook Manager account page and felt like you were reading Chinese? Don’t worry, us too!! We work with an incredible marketing team that wanted to share some of the top mistakes […]


Marketing Your Retail Business

Marketing your retail business.. How is it done? More importantly, how is it done when you’re already overworked, overwhelmed, and over trying to figure everything out on your own?! Wishing you had someone or something to help you figure out how to do it effectively (and without breaking the bank)?  Your wish is our command! […]


Implementing Change in Your Business

Implementing change in your business; the thing that makes you reach for your imaginary shield and sword as you prepare for the inevitable confrontation with your employees. We’re all aware (including your reluctant staff members) that change is happening all around us and is a necessary part of a thriving business. So, why does it […]


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